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Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a hiker's paradise offering over 800 miles of trails. But, hiking isn't the only reason to visit the Smokies. Fishing, picnicking, wildlife viewing and auto touring are other popular activities.

Listed below are some of our favorite trails. Another great source of information before you set out to hike is the Sugarlands Visitor Center. They offer a wealth of information as well as a super exhibit about Park wildlife.

Popular Hiking Trails
TrailMileageRatingLocationFeaturesTime Allowed
Abrams Falls5MCades CovePowerful 25' Falls4-5 hrs
Grotto Falls2.6MRoaring ForkWalk behind Falls3-4 hrs
Laurel Falls2.6ELittle River RoadPaved Trail2-3 hrs
Porter's Creek7.2MGreenbrierWildflowers4-5 hrs
Charlie's Bunion8.8MNewfound GapSpectacular Views4-5 hrs
Sugarlands Trailless than 1EVisitors CenterHandicap accessibleless than 1 hr
Gatlinburg Trail3.8EVisitors CenterLevel, along River1-2 hrs